[welcome to the tesseract collective]
we are a collective of shadow walkers that resides the void, expressing ourselves in the physical realm via genre-bending music. we encompass all sorts of genres, including uk garage, indie pop, metalcore, shoegaze, IDM, jungle, breakcore and many others. we look forward to seeing you around.

omniq's motto: the dark calls you. will you accept its fate?

current list of members: omniq, noxw, xtasis, noetherian ring, unseq

[latest release]
2222 ⋱ ⋰ ⋯ <

the home page (which you are on right now) simply serves as an introductory page to this website. it will always be up to date with the latest release and a countdown to any upcoming album.
the news page simply serves to announce new releases, concerts, live shows and other miscellaneous content (website updates included).
the the artist names all redirect to their respective carrds. they include all of the links to social media platforms, streaming services etc. that they are featured on. share it around if you are so inclined to; we always appreciate new fans.
the void page provides some background, highlighting the origins for the entire collective and its members.